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Howell MediGraphics can prepare a tremendous variety of graphic charts, including accident scene reconstructions, site drawings, technical, engineering and mechanical diagrams, graphs, chronology charts and time-lines. These charts are primarily used as visual aids during the testimony of fact and expert witnesses, and are often prepared in association with the engineers or other qualified experts that will use them during testimony. In addition, we are often called upon to prepare imaginative conceptual renderings that can be used merely to make or clarify a point.

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Two of five segments explaining a death by fire.

5-part storyboard trial exhibit

Event Chronology in water-heater explosion cases.

Hinged trial exhibit and fold-out brochure chart

Enhancement of fact witness sketch.

30" x 20" trial exhibit and brochure chart

Perspective drawing of accident scene.

30" x 40" trial exhibit

Perspective view of an accident scene.

30" x 40" trial exhibit

Traffic accident scene reconstruction, in two views.

30" x 40" trial exhibit using movable static cling vehicles

Detail of scene reconstruction in a car/train accident, showing actual distance perceptions of flashing RR lights.

60" x 40" hinged trial exhibit

Illustrations of fishing boat as it was sinking, with the four holds shown separately: an overhead view and a side view.

Three 20" x 30" trial exhibits

Detail of site diagram used in a premises liability case.

30" x 40" trial exhibit

Two views of a progressive overlay chart used to explain economic damages.

30" x 40" trial exhibit

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